SiteLeds is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows you to monitor a Web site for availability and changes by displaying a small icon on the Firefox status bar.

The extension appears in the Hacking Firefox book I co-wrote.


Did you ever catch yourself repeatedly refreshing a page just to see whether it has changed? Did your server ever stopped responding and it took you several hours to notice and submit a ticket with your hosting provider? SiteLeds puts a small led on your status bar. SiteLeds will monitor a URL for you and the led will change each time the page is changed or cannot be reached.

Currently a Sample Extension

The first version of SiteLeds is 0.1 and it is a basis for the extension creation tutorial in the Hacking Firefox book, so it's deliberately very simple and limited. For example, if you want to change the monitored URL, you can do so by changing the pageURL variable in siteledsOverlay.js.

Install SiteLeds 0.1

The Source Code

Below you'll find the complete source code for SiteLeds 0.1. If these files mean nothing to you but you want to learn how to create Firefox extensions, I suggest you get the book - it has very detailed explanations of everything you'll need and specifically of all the SiteLeds files below.